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9 Ways To Add Taste To Your Alcoholic Drink

9 Ways To Add Taste To Your Alcoholic Drink

On One Side, Alcohol Works As a Tonic To Lift The Mood Up, And On The Other, It Creates a Bad Taste In The Mouth That Not Many Life To Prefer. That Is Why There Are Different Types Of Beverages Meant Only To Neutralise The Taste Of Alcohol While Delivering The Same Buzz In Your Body. Here Are The Ten Ways To Add Taste To Your Alcoholic Drink. You Will Enjoy These Beverages Just As Much As Any Other Fruity Drink.


Radler Is One Drink That Can Completely Change The Way You Think About Beer. The Bitter Beverage Suddenly Becomes a Tangy Lemonade Drink. It Has a 60/40 Beer-Lemonade Ration Which Can Easily Replace Any Kind Of Lemonade Or Soda Once You Try It.

Mai Tai

If You Have Not Tasted Rum Served With Pineapple And Orange Juice, You Have Not Reached The Highest Levels Yet. It Has The Sour And Warm Taste That Keeps Coming Back On Your Taste Buds, So You Try More.



Tequila May Seem Incomplete After You Try Out This Unique Triple Sec And Fresh Lime Drink, Bordered With Salt And a Lemon Slice To Complete The Look. This Is Your Go-To Drink When You Are Having a Nice Brunch Next To a Sunny Beach.

Cuba Libre

If You Are Searching For a Refreshing Drink On a Friday Night To Set You In The Mood For The Weekend, Then Cuba Libre Is The Drink For You. This Mix Of Rum, Lime, And Cola Is Something That You Would Want Every Time Once You Have Tried It.

Ramos Gin Fizz

This May Be The Most Complex One In The List. You Will Need Lime Juice, Syrup, Cream, Orange Flower Water, Egg White, And Gin To Bring This Drink To Life. You Find The Recipe Hard To Perfect At First, But Once You Try It a Couple Of Times, You Can Surprise Your Friends With Something New.


This Sweet Beverage Contains Vodka And Orange Juice Topped With a Lot Of Ice. The Chilling Tangy Flavour Will Work Any Day To Give You a Refreshing Boost. If You Have Not Been a Fan Of Vodka, Then This Is The Drink That You Should Go For First.


Planter’s Punch

This Drink Is Something For The Ones Who Want a Better Connect With Nature While They Chill On a Sunny Day. It Is a Mix Of Dark Rum, Lime, Syrup, And Grenadine. Fill The Glass Up With Chilled Ice, And You Are Good To Go.


Caipirinha Is a Brazilian Delicacy Which Is Made Out Of Sugarcane Extract. It Is An Alcoholic Drink In Itself Yet Tastes Like a Completely Different Thing. While You Are Out Of Ideas, This Sugary Drink Can Make It Up For You.

Tom Collins

Tom Collins

This Classic Drink Will Lure You By Its Looks Alone. It Is Made Of Lemon Juice, Syrup, Gin, And Soda Water For The Fizzy Start To a Great Evening. It Is a Beloved Drink Among Seasoned Cocktail Drinkers, And You Can Find Out Why Only After You Drink It.

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