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Lonsdale is one of the best places to experience some of the best food, music and drinks. We want to make sure that you have a fine dining experience which will help you relax.

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Delicious Food. Great Drinks. Perfect Location.

We are known to have some of the best food where we bring you some of the best food but with a twist which will allow you to enjoy the delicious food while you spend your time with friends and family.

The Menu
  • Poached Burford Brown Egg ...£13.75
  • Cheese Curds...£12
  • Squid Salad ...£9
  • Mediterranean Salad...£13
  • Lemon meringue with a twist...£20
  • Mint Chocolate Mousse Bar...£8
  • Classic Crème Brulee With Blackberries...£9.75
  • Devon Crab & Avocado...£9.25
  • Duck Liver & Port Parfait...£9
  • Mediterranean Pasta...£24
  • Roast Monkfish & Chorizo...£8.65
  • Chargrilled Rump Steak Sandwich ...£11
  • British Chicken & Avocado Salad...£17
  • Roast Fillet Of Salmon...£18
  • Browns Steak & Guinness Pie...£15
  • Salted Caramel Profiteroles...£7
  • Apple & Timperley Rhubarb Crumble...£5
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How To Delivery The Perfect Burger Every Time

Burgers are delicious, a slab of meat between two buns and down it goes into a hungry stomach. This tradition has been around for more than 100 years, and there are no signs that it will lose its popularity anytime soon. Afterall, we love meat and we love fast food done right.

Many takeaways and restaurants across the world have offered this delicious meal to hungry customers for years. As consumers want more convenience, many chains now offer delivery options. If your restaurant offers this, you’ll want to compare fast food delivery insurance with Utility Saving Expert to get the cheapest cover. It shouldn’t take longer than 10 minutes to get a free no-obligation quote, you can even filter deals by price.

With the proliferation of fast-food and fancy burgers, many of us don’t even remember the basics when it comes to making burgers. We’re used to grabbing a slab of cooked meat, searing it quickly and placing it between two buns. This makes this meal really easy to cook at home or at work.

Furthermore, making great tasting burgers is relatively inexpensive. You can include your favourite topping and season it to perfection. You can choose beef, chicken, lamb or even a vegetarian option if you so desire. After the fundamentals are down, you can customise your burger in a large variety of ways. Let’s break down the key elements to making the perfect burgers.

The meat

To have an excellent burger, you’ll want to use fresh meat. Anyone can easily visit their local butcher or grocery store and pick up some meat. You can even ask for this to be freshly ground. The main three beef options are chuck roll, brisket, and short rib. It’s worth trying all three options to see which you prefer, although chuck roll will be a good starting point for beginner chefs.

Beef isn’t your only option, as any chicken or lamb burger fanatic will tell you. For those that want to stay away from meat, vegetarian options are also available and more popular than ever. No matter what you choose, you’ll be able to enjoy this tasty meal.

You will want to get some fat in your burger, to make it juicier. Ground chicken and turkey thighs are preferable over white meat for poultry. Fish lovers will want to opt for naturally fatty fish such as salmon to achieve the best results. Vegetarian burgers won’t be quite as juicy; however, you can add olive oil and grated cheese to fatten them up.


Burgers need salt and pepper. Butter, herbs and mustard are not required. This is because chuck roll, short rib and brisket already have a lot of flavour. You won’t need to hide the flavours as you have purchased fresh meat. Generously sprinkle salt and pepper on the outside of the meat when seasoning. If you mix it in, it will end up in a messy shape.


It’s important that you don’t press it down when shaping it. If it’s loosely packed, it will be juicier. Handle it gently with care.

You’ll also notice that burgers from fast food places are normally flat, while pricier burgers are rounder and fatter. Although, for most, this will be a simple matter of taste. Your burger should be a slightly concave shape, this means the middle of it will have more space than the outer edges. It should also be slightly larger than your bun, this is because it will shrink when it’s being cooked.


Cook your burger at medium-high heat. This can be done either on a grill or a cast-iron pan. When using a grill, some of the burger’s fat will be lost into the flames. A cast-iron pan will better retain these juicy bits. No matter what you choose, you’ll want to pre-heat the grill or pan until it’s hot enough.

Ready to go

Everyone has their own preferences on how they cook meat, some like it medium, others medium-rare. Go with whatever your heart desires. Cook it for two minutes on one side, then flip it over and cook for two more minutes for medium-rare, three to four for medium, and five to six for well done.

Cheese, buns, toppings and sauces

Here, you can opt for the type of buns, cheese, toppings and sauces you like. You can add a little or go overboard and get experimental. The main thing is to make sure that whatever ingredients you do use, ensure these are freshly sourced. Some people may prefer organic, others will be content with standard selections.

Time to eat

Now you’ve done all the hard work, you can relax and dig into your tasty delicious burger. Make sure you share the recipe with your friends and family, as they will want to know the secret to your success.


5 Types Of Beer That You Need To Know About

Most Of The People Do Not Drink Beer For The Taste Of It. The Bitterness Is Hard To Adjust With, But The Alcohol Content Is What People Come For Again And Again. However, Only The Advanced Drinkers Know That All Beer Types Cannot Be Categorized Under Bitter And Gassy. There Is a Lot To Learn About Tasting Beer So You Can Find The Right Tasting Beer For Yourself The Next Time You Go Out And Buy It.



Ale Is The Most Common Type Of Beer That You Can Find On The Shelves In Many Different Varieties. They Are Full-Bodied Beer With Hints Of Fruit And Spice At Times. They Are Bitter Than Most Of The Other Beers, But It Is Also Their Especially Due To Their Complex Profile. Ales Is One Of The Two Main Categories Of Beer With All The Other Types Falling Under As Subcategories.


Later Is The Other Main Category Of Beers Which Are Lighter Than Ales In Colour And Flavour. They Are More Carbonated Than Ales, Which Gives Them a More Fizzy Texture. They Are Crisp In Taste And Can Offer a Refreshing Beverage Whenever You Want. Some Of The Popular Types Of Lager Include Heineken, Asahi, And Tiger Beer.

India Pale Ale

Pale Ale

Ipa Is a More Hoppy Version Of The Regular Pale Ale. They Were First Brewed By The English For Their Troops So That The Beer Would Last Long While Crossing The Seas To Reach Their Indian Colony. It Can Be Hard For The Stomach For Newcomers, And The Taste May Also Be Incredibly Bitter. Ipas Are Brewed With Floral And Fruity Notes. There Is Also a Double Ipa For Those Who Think Ipas Are a Joke.


This Is The Most Fruity, Sweet, And Acidic Beer In The List, Which Also Makes It The Preferred Option For Beginners. Lambic Is Fermented With Fruit Which Makes Them a Type Of Fruit Beer. They Were First Produced In Brussels, Belgium, And Relied On The Surrounding Air For Fermentation. The Strains Of Yeasts For This Beer Is Carefully Selected, And The Beer Is Left In Open Vats To Allow Yeasts And Bacteria To Thrive On It. This Process Makes Lambic Beer Dry With a Strong Punch, And a Cider-Like Taste.



This Golden-Hued Beer Is a Light Colour Beverage Which Can Be Refreshing And Easy To Drink. It Has a Crisp Texture, Tastes a Bit Spicy, And Has a Hint Of Florals. What Most Attracts This Beer Is The Bright Golden Colour That Gives It a Premium Look. When The Beginners Want To Try Out a Beer From The Shelves, This Is The Most Probable Option That They Pick. It Is a Great Option For Advanced Drinkers As Well. One Can Take Out a Chilled Bottle Of Pilsner On a Sunny Day And Relax Under The Sun.



9 Ways To Add Taste To Your Alcoholic Drink

On One Side, Alcohol Works As a Tonic To Lift The Mood Up, And On The Other, It Creates a Bad Taste In The Mouth That Not Many Life To Prefer. That Is Why There Are Different Types Of Beverages Meant Only To Neutralise The Taste Of Alcohol While Delivering The Same Buzz In Your Body. Here Are The Ten Ways To Add Taste To Your Alcoholic Drink. You Will Enjoy These Beverages Just As Much As Any Other Fruity Drink.


Radler Is One Drink That Can Completely Change The Way You Think About Beer. The Bitter Beverage Suddenly Becomes a Tangy Lemonade Drink. It Has a 60/40 Beer-Lemonade Ration Which Can Easily Replace Any Kind Of Lemonade Or Soda Once You Try It.

Mai Tai

If You Have Not Tasted Rum Served With Pineapple And Orange Juice, You Have Not Reached The Highest Levels Yet. It Has The Sour And Warm Taste That Keeps Coming Back On Your Taste Buds, So You Try More.



Tequila May Seem Incomplete After You Try Out This Unique Triple Sec And Fresh Lime Drink, Bordered With Salt And a Lemon Slice To Complete The Look. This Is Your Go-To Drink When You Are Having a Nice Brunch Next To a Sunny Beach.

Cuba Libre

If You Are Searching For a Refreshing Drink On a Friday Night To Set You In The Mood For The Weekend, Then Cuba Libre Is The Drink For You. This Mix Of Rum, Lime, And Cola Is Something That You Would Want Every Time Once You Have Tried It.

Ramos Gin Fizz

This May Be The Most Complex One In The List. You Will Need Lime Juice, Syrup, Cream, Orange Flower Water, Egg White, And Gin To Bring This Drink To Life. You Find The Recipe Hard To Perfect At First, But Once You Try It a Couple Of Times, You Can Surprise Your Friends With Something New.


This Sweet Beverage Contains Vodka And Orange Juice Topped With a Lot Of Ice. The Chilling Tangy Flavour Will Work Any Day To Give You a Refreshing Boost. If You Have Not Been a Fan Of Vodka, Then This Is The Drink That You Should Go For First.


Planter’s Punch

This Drink Is Something For The Ones Who Want a Better Connect With Nature While They Chill On a Sunny Day. It Is a Mix Of Dark Rum, Lime, Syrup, And Grenadine. Fill The Glass Up With Chilled Ice, And You Are Good To Go.


Caipirinha Is a Brazilian Delicacy Which Is Made Out Of Sugarcane Extract. It Is An Alcoholic Drink In Itself Yet Tastes Like a Completely Different Thing. While You Are Out Of Ideas, This Sugary Drink Can Make It Up For You.

Tom Collins

Tom Collins

This Classic Drink Will Lure You By Its Looks Alone. It Is Made Of Lemon Juice, Syrup, Gin, And Soda Water For The Fizzy Start To a Great Evening. It Is a Beloved Drink Among Seasoned Cocktail Drinkers, And You Can Find Out Why Only After You Drink It.

Local Beer

Guide To Pair Perfect Bbq With Local Beer

A Perfect Summertime Needs An Open-Air Barbecue And a Chilled Batch Of Beer That You Can Enjoy With Your Friends. One a Good Holiday Morning, You Can Invite Your Friends To a Bbq Party With Coals And Steaks Ready To Be Roasted. But One Thing That Most People Fail To Decide Is Their Choice Of Beer. They Do Not Think Much And Go For Their Regular Brands. What They Do Not Realise Is That When The Beer Matches With The Type Of Bbq, It Can Make Your Party Stand Out. If You Are Confused About Which Beer Will Suit Your Bbq Occasion The Best, This Guide Will Help You Find The Right Beer To Match With Your Type Of Meat.

Some Basic Tips

The Combination Of Beer With Bbq Is More Complex Than You Think. It Is The Study Of How The Beer Will React To The Taste Buds While Adding a Layer On The Tongue To Enjoy The Steak Better. The Aroma Compounds In a Beer Will Also Play a Role In Adding The Flavours To The Freshly Roasted Steak. The Beer & Barbecue Combination Uses a Complex System That Targets The Neurons And Brainwaves. You Should Learn How To Use Their Properties To Make Use Of The Art And Science Of Food Pairing. There Are Two Basic Strategies About Pairing Food With Beer. One Is Having Like Food With Like Beer, And The Other Is Unlike Food With Unlike Beer.

The First Strategy Is To Build a Combination Which Offers The Same Taste In Food That Is Available In Beer. If The Food Is Too Spicy, Then a Sweet Beer Can Be Combined With It To Boost The Flavours On The Tongue. It Creates a Synergistic And Complementary Food Experience. The Other Strategy Of Having An Unlike Beer With Unlike Food Is To Recognise What Element Is Missing In The Food And Replace It With Beer. Say The Food Lacks a Bit Of Sweer Flavour, Which Can Be Filled With a Hoppy Beer. Pale Ale Or Ipa Can Become The Fifth Element In a Grilled Burger Party. There Is Nothing Wrong In Trying Different Way Ways Of Combining Beer With Food, And You Can Experiment With Different Flavours And Find Out What Fits Your Personal Taste The Best.

Some Common Combinations

Lagers & Pilsners

These Beers Are Fermented At Cooler Temperatures And Can Be Distinguished Based On Their Light Gold Colour. They Are Highly Carbonated And Have Minimal Maltiness. They Are Best Suited With Just About Anything As Their Mild Taste Covers Up Any Missing Ingredients. It Is Served Best With Grilled Chicken And Veggies.


Amber Ales

These Are Balanced Beers Perfectly Fit For Any Barbeque Party. It Has High Amounts Of Malty And Hops Characters Without Being Overpowering, Which Makes It a Great Substitute For Sweetness And Caramel Notes. They Can Be Paired With a Type Of Spicy Food Like Chorizo And Sausages.